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Which Diet?

28th April 2017


People always ask me which diet is the best to lose weight? The answer is…all diets work in helping you lose weight. Some do work better than ours but by and large if you follow a diet whether that’s a low calorie diet, a low carb diet or even fasting-related diet, you will see results. The problem however, is I have yet to find a diet that I would want to continue long-term. They are tough! They are not sustainable! When I tried a low carb diet, I saw immediate results but I felt ill! I felt depressed! I didn’t enjoy it. That is why within a few weeks of the diet when I returned to my “usual” diet the weight went back on.

Diets are not sustainable. I don’t advise patients to go onto a diet I could not sustain. I advise a “real food” diet. Eating real foods and the “right” foods is sustainable and that is why I know it works. The Diet that I try to follow and what I advise my patients is the Mediterranean diet. Eating from the land and sea, a diet-containing more vegetables and fish is the way forward. More and more clinical studies are now showing that those who follow this type of diet live longer, healthier lives. However, not only is it important to eat the right foods, its vital you are equipped to work out how much you need to eat to either lose weight or maintain your weight.

Medical Weight Loss Ltd educates you about your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Working out the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) gives an indication of how much calories are needed to maintain your weight. Calorie counting is an essential skill and thankfully there are some great Apps available for your smart phone today that will help. I ask all my patients to keep a food diary as it is the best way to actually work out your calorie intake and work out where we can advise improvements or changes.

I know some people will constantly “undereat” and not see any big changes in their weight. They don’t realise that the body is designed to protect us and when it gets used to a diet low in calories it will not shed fat. We have to reassure our bodies by eating the right foods and try different techniques to expend calories to maintain fat loss. With Verju laser treatment fat will be mobilised but maintaining that fat loss and enhancing it will require lifestyle changes. At Medical Weight Loss Ltd, we only advise lifestyle changes that can be maintained in a normal working adult lifestyle.

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