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The Weight Loss Journey

28th April 2017

One thing I always advise my patients is that losing weight is not difficult, maintaining that weight loss is! Our body’s natural response is to keep hold of fat. It’s a protective mechanism for your body to store away energy. Whatever method we use to lose weight, whether that is reducing your calories in (dieting) or increasing your calorie expenditure (exercising), at some point your body will no longer listen and will revert to keeping hold of fat. That is why I advise my patients that losing weight is not a simple process, it’s a journey. You have to be prepared for difficult twists and turns. Sometimes you may even come to a dead-end. That is why at Medical Weight Loss Ltd, we treat every patient as an individual and tailor your lifestyle treatment advice to you. What may work for one person, may not work for you.

The Verju laser does the same thing to every single person. It creates those tiny pores in fat cells and deflates them. How that released fat is dealt with however, depends on your individual lymphatic system which is different for every individual. To improve our lymphatic circulation not only is it imperative to drink more water (at least 2 litres per day) but reduce caffeine and alcohol. Furthermore, exercise and sometimes deep massage is required to mobilise and remove that free fatty material.

A recent patient surprised me when she lost a collective 20 inches of fat in just 3 weeks. During the treatment, she made no changes to her exercise regime as she enjoyed going to the Gym three times a week. She had areas of stubborn fat that just did not want to move. She made changes to her diet but the added water intake and improved lymphatics allowed the effects of Verju to make a huge change to her figure. She has dropped at least 2 dress sizes but of more significance is that she feels on top of the world!

The release fat gives a surge of energy and the effects on the fat cell cause a hormonal response increasing the natural leptin which supresses your appetite. The challenges ahead for that patient is to keep that fat off and that is where the education gained at Medical Weight Loss Ltd will help them prepare for the long road ahead.

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