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A selection of before and after images.

I received treatment from the Verju laser to aid weight loss. I initially had a detailed and thorough consultation with Dr Ali who went through the procedure explaining what it would entail and the evidence behind the laser treatment. I was reassured to learn that I would not experience any side effects and the treatment would not be invasive affecting any body organs. When I asked Dr Ali about evidence for the laser treatment I was shown information showing that not only it has received FDA approval it has been part of a randomised controlled trial. This made me feel reassured that it had passed such rigorous testing. I also asked about how permanent the results may be and was told if I followed a healthy lifestyle the results would be maintained. If I however gained weight then the effects would be lost. Dr Ali provided me with some lifestyle advice.

I was then shown the laser machine which had 6 heads which emit the lasers to different body areas. I was then explained the treatment would be 1 hour long and entail two treatments a week for a minimum of 3 weeks. The effect of the laser occurs after normally 6-12 sessions. The initial consultation was thorough and detailed in a relaxed environment.

I was then subsequently booked in for my first treatment the following week. My first session was delivered by a female Doctor and included me being measured from the bust, hips, tummy and thighs. The session then entailed me lying on a bed with the 6 laser heads being placed at different points on my body and being switched on for 20 mins on my front side then the same procedure with me facing head down on the bed. I felt no effect of the laser and it was completely painless. I did this twice a week for 3 weeks and started to notice a difference after the 4th session whereby there was a small amount of weight loss. This was more noticeable after the last treatment and continued for 2 weeks after the last treatment.

In total I lost 20cm from different areas of my body. There were no side effects and the treatment was easy to undertake in that there was no pain or discomfort. Both Doctors made me feel comfortable and relaxed. There was a follow up service with the Doctors contacting me to check I experienced results and allowed me to ask any questions. I would recommend this treatment as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle. It may be useful for those who wish to have a non invasive weight loss treatment prior especially to an event or holiday.


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