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Lumpy Dimples: Cellulite

11th January 2018

Cellulite is exceptionally common. More than 90% of women will have it and it’s a nuisance but certainly nothing sinister. Stubborn areas just do not improve despite dieting and weight loss. Verju has received FDA approval to successful re-distribute fat and help improve cellulite. It is always a great feeling to know that there is an easy fix for these stubborn areas without having to consider painful cosmetic procedures.

What is Cellulite? Why do we get it? Simply put it is just uneven distribution of fat under the skin. Certain factors such as hormones and reduced circulation to these areas are important in causing these uneven and unsightly areas. Genetic factors and Age also contribute but these are things we cannot change. What we can do is try to improve our diets, improve our lymphatic drainage and the use of Verju which will stimulate the redistribution of fat. It’s amazing how such a painless procedure can have such a dramatic effect on these areas. Some of my clients have invested so much time and money in products without success. Seeing the look in their eyes when they have successfully seen those dimples disappear is priceless. What pleases me most, is that they have achieved it without any pain or risk to their health.

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