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A New Year a New You?

11th January 2018

Another year is coming to an end. I always advise my patients that the new year is a fantastic opportunity to achieve your goals. Planning is the first and most important step. What is it that we want to achieve? Make sure it is achievable. A problem we all have is raising the bar too…

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Lumpy Dimples: Cellulite

Cellulite is exceptionally common. More than 90% of women will have it and it’s a nuisance but certainly nothing sinister. Stubborn areas just do not improve despite dieting and weight loss. Verju has received FDA approval to successful re-distribute fat and help improve cellulite. It is always a great feeling to know that there is…

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The Weight Loss Journey

28th April 2017

One thing I always advise my patients is that losing weight is not difficult, maintaining that weight loss is! Our body’s natural response is to keep hold of fat. It’s a protective mechanism for your body to store away energy. Whatever method we use to lose weight, whether that is reducing your calories in (dieting)…

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Which Diet?

  People always ask me which diet is the best to lose weight? The answer is…all diets work in helping you lose weight. Some do work better than ours but by and large if you follow a diet whether that’s a low calorie diet, a low carb diet or even fasting-related diet, you will see…

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